Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mom Was Told Her C-Section Would Be The 'Easy Way Out'

Oh my gosh, yes. The part she shares about the pain of getting out of bed. Cameron was three and a half weeks early, and after laboring overnight for 11 or so hours, we realized he was in distress and was trying to come out butt first. After a week, my incision wasn't healing properly, so then I had a week of having it packed daily with iodine-soaked gauze which had to be removed daily. When that didn't seem to completely help, after another week they completely re-opened by incision and had to completely re-stitch it. The healing was a LONG process. My scar is still purple and four-plus inches long (twelve and a half years later). The upside? My first tattoo (in 1997) hurt like hell. Cameron was born in 2004. All my subsequent tattoos haven't seemed to hurt as much. Because there is no pain on earth like the pain of getting out of bed the first time after a c-section.
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